Jumat, 26 September 2014

In the Miso Soup

After making tamagoyaki, my next first attempt was Miso Soup. It's an everyday meal for Japanese people. The first step would be looking for some video on youtube about how to cook miso soup. And I found this.

Its my favorite among the other. He made it so easy and simple. And the way he made the sound effect when the water boils is kinda cute. :p According to him, the ingredients consist of dashi stock, miso paste, tofu, and if you like you can add wakame, and aburage if you can find it. 

taken with lomo app
From some information I gathered, I could bought those ingredients at Papaya, a store that sells Japanese and Korean foods in Jakarta. Since I lost the battle with my lazy self, I prefer to buy the instant dashi to make the stock. But alas, they run out of stock at the moment, so I venture by buying bonita flakes to make the dashi. I was supposed to buy kombu, too, but it's too expensive. And that's a decision I regret afterward. I also couldn't find the red miso paste, so I bought whatever was available. Miso paste kinda like tauco in Indonesia, but its have different texture and taste. While tauco a bit sour and still have some beans that not entirely dissolve, miso paste I bought was a bit salty and smooth. Forgive my poor attempt to make a comparison. Describing something is not my forte.

I think I should be back again to Papaya someday to buy kombu to make a perfect dashi, since I still have a lot of miso paste to be used. They only sell a big batch of it. 1 kg is too much for me, so I guess I would cook a lot of miso in the near future. Okay, on with the cooking. Oh, I also made some mistake by soaking too much of wakame. And I think it add the salty taste of my miso soup. And after some minute, here it is. My first attempt of Miso Soup.

A close up look

Give the girl the applause she deserve! :D 


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