Senin, 04 Agustus 2014

On vacation!

Holaaa... did you know that I missed July? Oh, and I missed you, too (whoever you are). So, here I post early on August before I forgot (again!). Nothing much happening since Eid al-Fitr. Caught a cold and stuck at home. While dating with my homework from two months ago, I tried to make something edible. This is the mystery food! 

Got a good guess already? Please, don't mind the picture. I know it's bad. Hehehe... It's my version of tamagoyaki. It was suppose to be like this.

from wikipedia

According to this.

Add some carrots, leeks, chicken sausage and fried chicken on my tamagoyaki. Aaaand, voila!

Because it's my first attempt, I'm glad it turn out quite okay (for me that is). Since I'm no wizard in cooking, so I guess it's some achievement I've got. at least I've got the basic knowledge now. #praisingmyself. Next time I want to try this one.

A bit advance for me, but it's so tempting. Gambatte!!!  And maybe next time my food photography should be better, too!

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