Jumat, 23 Mei 2014

I am adamantium

I'm missing March, so I'm not gonna missing May. Believe it! Hehehe... So this time I'm gonna tell you about a fiction that I've read this morning. Its about a couple that having a break up in most classic way, in my opinion. They've known each other since elementary, been married for three years, and been through all ups and downs. The woman found her husband cheated on her. And pride got in the way. All ended one sided by the wife, saying that she already out of love from her husband. The husband devastated and can't help thinking that maybe he really didn't know his wife like he assumed at all.  They lost contact for two years, because the husband couldn't live in the same country with his wife without being truly falling to pieces. He afraid he couldn't put the pieces back. Before he left he signed all the paper about financial matter. But he refused to signing the divorce paper. 

It took some while until he think he could come back to his homeland. But he tried to avoid meeting his ex as long as possible. But Fate got them meet sooner than later. And the wife, having a breakdown herself, couldn't believe she still wanted the man that betrayed her. The man that had been gone for the last two years out of her life. The only man that took so many years to broke through the wall of her safe cocoon. Maybe the saying absence make the heart grew fonder isn't entirely wrong. Finally, she confronted her husband about the real reason of their break up, after some encouragement from her brother that deep down she really still love the man.

He didn't want to acknowledge that he himself still love, and would only love, that woman. And the broken heart can't be fixed just by saying sorry. But they willing to try. They tread carefully, too afraid destroying the tentative mending that they had been achieved so far.

This is some excerpt from the story:  

He put his chopsticks in the box and closed it up, not able to eat anymore past the lump in his throat, despite only having eaten half his food. She followed suit, and they sat in silence for a while. Both wanting to talk about this, wanting to know what the other was thinking and feeling, but neither able to find the right words or sufficient courage to do so. The longing between them was a living thing, overpowered only by the uncertainty and fear that the past two years had wrought within them. What did they want to happen between them now, after so much damage, but so much love?

Damn, if its wasn't a heartbreaking story, I don't know what is. Okay, you know my tendency to exaggerate. And after all misery that they been through, I believe they deserved a happy ending. I hope. Unfortunately, I haven't finish read it until I wrote this summary. So, maybe I tell you another time about their ending...

*I'm listening this song while I'm writing this. It's kinda fit with the mood. But instead of titanium, I prefer to be adamantium :p #wanttowatchxmen

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