Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

Let's make a wish...

In two days it will be a new year of 2013. Who would guess I made it this far. This year was as busy as hell. I’ve done a lot of travelling this year, too. It made me poor but worth it. This year I’ve been to Sikuai in Padang, visiting Bung Karno’s House in Bengkulu, taking loads of photos in Belitung, hiking to beautiful Sipiso-piso waterfall in North Sumatra, watching the sunrise at Dieng, and eating sop konro in Makassar. Thanks to promo tickets. It was quite an achievement for me and gives me some memories to remember when I grow old. (I better stop before I’m getting senile)

But the journeys had its side effects, too. I have some work left undone. Sorry, guys, I’ll make it up somehow. I swear! I’m catching up right now. I was so busy fooling around. By the way, this year, three of my colleagues got married (congratulation!!!). And my mom keeps on nagging me about it, when will be my turn. She even thinks to get me on matchmaking. Just be patient with me, Mom.

And last, I read 140 books this year, mostly were comics or graphic novels, though. Others than works, I only read a few books. It’s a bit sad in a way. Inversely proportional to the books I bought. I also failed to post once a month in this blog (there’s no post on March). Quoting from a manga I read recently, “I am the embodiment of laziness.”

Maybe it’s better if I write my resolutions for next year so I would try a little harder. Well, I’m the type who acting by impulses, anyway. But I have something planned to do next year. I would like to: learn Japanese or Korean (its work related, I assure you), taking a driving course (though the chance to have my own car is totally out of question for the next year), reducing my to-read-list (and cutting down to-buy-list), start to write (a novel maybe), and begin my project of a photo a day. Wish me luck next year, too…

To The Open Sea (Taken on October at Tanah Beru, South Sulawesi)

“Life is an awful lot like a trip in itself. You can make all the plans you want ahead of time, but in the end, you never really know how it’s going to turn out. Even the things we’re sure of today might turn out to be illusions tomorrow. And whoever you take with you on the journey might choose to take a different path just around the next corner… that’s life for you. But I look forward to any other memories that I collect from here on. After all, the journey of life goes on…” (Saiyuki)

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