Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

A Dream

picture: http://vi.sualize.us/view/b13fbcf07509b8f99b16a691867de526/

I keep thinking about the dream I had last night (or this morning to be precise). Suddenly I was somewhere in Japan, watching three old lady working, and one of them offered me sweet mochis. When I want to take it to bring it home, I saw the sky glowing red, and saw the most spectacular sight in my whole life: a row of planets. Literally. Then I scram looking for my camera. But by the time I get to some clearing, the sight already gone. Instead, there were a few kids playing. Can't remember what they playing. Abruptly they approach me and my friend (I don't know how they got there with me). And one of the boy said to his friend, "Take my picture with her," while pointing at me. And I thought he was the cutest boy ever. Then I woke up, and it's already 05.45 in the morning.

Hahaha... weird dream, eh? But somehow I feel it's kinda sweet... with a touch of karma, I believe.

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