Kamis, 03 November 2011

My New Family

Hmm... rasanya udah lama banget ga posting. Hari ini mo cerita soal my new family member aja. Recently (on impulses as always) I decided to bought a new lens. The cheaper one of course. My lens kit is broken, and I think better bought a new one than repair it (coz the cost is half the new lens). Found it in the Alpharian forum. It's my first fixed lens, 50 mm f 1.8. and I do really love it so much. I only got a chance to testing in recently too. And here they are. It makes me wanna go oo... oo...

Its amazing, even with my lack of talent, it still so amaziiiiiiing. Don't you think so too? It makes me cannot wait for the next trip.
The pictures taken in Dayak Days 2011 event at TMII.

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