Selasa, 07 Januari 2014

Reading List #2013

Gw mau mulai tradisi baru tahun ini, yaitu mencatat apa yang gw baca selama setahun. Ini dia recap bacaan gw selama 2013.

Komik atau Manga (86 buku)
Bakuman vol. 1
Bambino Secondo vol. 5-9
Beelzebub vol. 1
Chew vol. 1-3
DN Angel vol. 13-15
Extraordinary Backpacker
Five vol. 1-7
Fruits vol. 1-3
Get Backers vol. 1-39 (tamat)
Gourmet vol. 1-3
Hitman Reborn vol. 1
HunterxHunter vol. 1
Judge vol. 5-6
Kekkaishi vol. 21-26
One Piece vol. 65
Ouroboros vol. 1
Shonan Junai Gumi vol. 1
Slam Dunk vol. 14-17

Novel Grafis (8 buku)
Big Nate
Anya's Ghost
Chicken With Plum
The Last Musketeer
American Born Chinese
Louder than Words
The Left Bank Gang

Novel (18 buku)
Fantastic Beast
Iblis Menggugat Tuhan
Breakfast at Tiffany
Rahasia Skor Video Game
Penyelundup Video Game
Harry Potter The Prequel
2nd Chance
Penjual Kenangan
Kembalinya Sherlock Holmes
A is for Alibi
Enzo: The Art of Dancing in the Rain
School of Fear
The Shack

Non-fiksi (9 buku)
Titik Nol
Kesatria Cahaya
Nguping Jakarta
More Weird Thing Customers Say in Bookshop
Normal is Boring
Baduy: Real Green Living
Make A Joke And I Will Sigh
Perempuan Langit ke Timur
The Recently Deflowered Girl

Buku Anak (11 buku)
A Child Garden of Verses
Cecily Pasley's Nursery Rhymes
Go The Fuck to Sleep
Peter Rabbit
The Missing Piece
The Missing Piece meets the Big O
The Tale of Ginger and Pickles
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
The Tale of Two Bad Mouse
Where The Wild Things Are
Winnie The Pooh and Some Bees

Work-Related (21 buku)
A Rogue's Proposal
An Invitation to Seduction
Born of Fire
Call Me Irresistible
Castles in the Air
Duke of Her Own
Glitter Baby
Hostage to Pleasure
Ideal Man
Kiss An Angel
Love With A Scandalous Lord
Mine to Possess
Night's Darkest Embrace
Once Burned
Shadow Dance
Storming the Castle
The Girl Named Summer
The Outlaw Viking
Winning the Wallflower

Total semuanya 153 buku dengan jumlah halaman (berdasarkan data di goodreads)  29.832 halaman. Nggak puas, karena dua per tiganya masih didominasi sama komik/manga. Bukunya cuma bisa sepertiga dari target :(

Semoga tahun ini bisa lebih banyak baca bukunya daripada komiknya. at least 50:50 lah. Bisa gak, ya?


Senin, 06 Januari 2014

Fly Dragonlfy

With another year we start another book. We are going to write anew on its blank pages. About joy, about trial we would overcome, about everything that we share, and a lot more. May this New Year not be a repetition of old habits – may we reinvent ourselves and embark upon a journey full of excitement and adventure. 


blue dragonfly
sets aloft at sunset
do not regret what you have been

 Blue Dragonfly by Elena Powell

Rainy December

“Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  

*took this pic on one Sunday afternoon, a week before new year, a failed attempt on macro* 

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